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Menthyl Nicotinate

crd cosmetic
crd cosmetic
Nicoment is a synthetic product of natural origin that joins the vasodilating properties of nicotinic acid to the refreshing properties of natural L-menthol. Due to its high skin affinity, that allows a quick and
effective absorption, Nicoment exerts a deep cutaneous micro-massage, generated by the
simultaneous cool-warm effect, that gives a sensation of pleasant wellness and avoids the formation of
erythema at the suggested concentration ( 1-2%).
These characteristics make Nicoment the most suitable ingredient for cellulitis cosmetic treatments, for trichological products as hair loss lotions, and for gum sanitizing products, in toothpastes and mouth
Nicoment exerts an undirect purifying action, as it contributes to eliminate the possible present and
developing toxins , through the increase of blood microcirculation in the cellulitis panels suffering from an excessive stasis of interstitial liquids.
In trichological products the important and deep vasodilation gives an help to increase the supplying of
nourishing substances to the hair bulb, to reduce the size of the sebaceous glands and generally to
recover the natural vitality of hair scalp.
In gum sanitizing products: Nicoment stimulates the microcirculation of gums, in this way it helps very
well to solve the problems of gengivitis. It gives to the finished product a pleasant and long-lasting
sensation of a fresh activation.

INCI name: Menthyl Nicotinate, Menthol

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