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crd cosmetic
HYALORICE is an antistatic conditioner created with a very new concept of naturalness, to be used in Ecocert and Cosmos agreed formulations. The antistatic effect relies on the quaternary effect of a positive charge created by the interaction of low pH Hyaluronic Acid derivatives with Hydrolyzed Rice proteins.

HYALORICE reduces remarkably the electrostatic charges on the hair, setting also up a monomolecular layer of Hyaluronic acid that settles the positive charges. The hair shows an improved softness and becomes more easily combed in dry and wet conditions.

HYALORICE is also compatible with a large number of anionic (SLES) and non ionic surfactants, but it is especially interesting in combination with the Ecocert and Cosmos agreed surfactants, in high value shampoos formulations.

HYALORICE is a perfect ingredient for naturally based hair conditioners, with an astonishing long lasting without adding up effect.
The antistatic effect of HYALORICE makes it reliable for moisturizing creams and body lotions for the face and body, giving a silky and velvet touch.

HYALORICE is recommended to celiac users, as it doesn’t contains wheat derivatives.

INCI name: Glycerin, Aqua, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans, Hydrolyzed Rice protein, Hyaluronic acid

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crd cosmetic