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crd cosmetic
Cr&d Cosmetic Research & Development was founded in 2010 by Guido Rovesti with Federica and Roberta Donadelli, since long time operational in the research of new cosmetological trends, in skin care formulations and in the studies of new highly bioavailable substances. On the basis of a big heap of experiences acquired on skin biochemistry and on the current market needing, CR&D developed a series of active substances highly innovative and with high and with a proven effectiveness to solve the main skin problems.

CR&D is distributed in Italy by B.C. Beauty and Cosmetic srl


CR&D Cosmetic Research & Development è nata nel 2010 per l'iniziativa di Guido Rovesti con Roberta e Federica Donadelli, da tempo operativi nella ricerca di nuovi orientamenti cosmetologici , nella formulazione dello skin care e nello studio di nuovi attivi ad alta biodisponibilità. Sulla base del vasto bagaglio di esperienze acquisite nella biochimica della pelle e delle esigenze attualizzate del mercato cosmetico, CR&D ha sviluppato una serie di sostanze attive altamente innovative e di elevata e provata efficacia nella risoluzione delle più importanti problematiche cutanee.

La distribuzione dei prodotti CR&D in Italia è affidata a B.C. Beauty and Cosmetic srl

crd cosmetic
Skin care formulations. As we are learn more about our skin, the public is becoming more ingredient conscious. Understanding what substances make up a product can be helpful.
If you have a known allergy, your dermatologist or allergist can help you determine other related ingredients. Cosmetic active ingredients.
It will also help you to understand what makes a product greasy, irritating, acne-flaring, drying and hopefully those that are effective, too. bioavailable substances.
Cosmetic active ingredients and substances. This is not meant to be a complete list of every ingredient used in the industry, but will attempt to cover the most popular individual ingredients and categories that have gained recognition as of late.
Use this as a handy reference by which to gain information as you learn more about your skin through our site. This list shall be continually expanded.
CRD Italy has set guidelines regulating ingredient listings. Listings begin with the ingredient present in the largest concentration (often times the necessary vehicles water or SD alcohol 40) and moves downward to often times trace elements. The vehicle is responsible to carry the other ingredients, creating the actual suspension, so just because water may potentially make up most of a product, it is usually for good reason.